Why is Stable Cascade better

Stability AI
By Stability AI ·

Aesthetic quality

The model’s performance evaluation showed a significant increase in aesthetic quality compared to Stable Diffusion XL.

Stable Cascade performed 2.5x times better than SDXL and 5.5x times better than SDXL Turbo!

Faster inference

Due to changes in architecture, Stable Cascade is more cost effective in terms of inference resource usage. Unlike Stable Diffusion, which operates with a compression factor of 8, Stable Cascade achieves an impressive factor of 42. This allows it to compress 1024×1024 images into 24×24 dimensions without sacrificing quality and vastly improving inference speed.

Better prompt understanding

Human evaluation tests show improved prompt alignment compared to Stable Diffusion models. It means that the model understands your prompts better, both short and detailed.